** Update**

We are opening up the border from Thailand and no quarantine is required no cash advance payment so tourism will soon be restored to Cambodia, we are a nonprofit organization that offers free ESL training for volunteers who want to give of their time to work in tandem with Cambodian teachers of English.

Amazing Volunteer Adventures is a non-profit organization looking for volunteers to team teach with Cambodian teachers of English in village schools around Siem Reap City/Angkor Wat. Not only do volunteers inspire the children and teachers, but they also give the Cambodian teachers an opportunity to improve their English speaking skills.

Preferably you would volunteer for a week or longer. During your free time,  you can not only enjoy exploring the many ancient temple sites but learn about the rich Khmer culture in music, art, cuisine, etc.

We are a unique organization in that we do not charge volunteers to participate in our program and we keep expenses to a minimum. All volunteers receive free training and materials. Volunteers who can demonstrate specific skills in the classroom, such as nurses, musicians, artists, etc., are encouraged to do so.

Currently, we have limited free accommodations, available on a first-come, first served basis. Volunteers who arrange their own lodging can expect to pay about $8/night for guesthouse accommodations in Siem Reap. If donations to cover travel to your village are not available during your stay, you can expect to pay an average of $5-8/trip, depending on the distance.

Despite the poverty that exists in many of the villages, previous volunteers have been struck by the happy optimism of the children they taught, and the sheer joy they have at meeting foreigners. Our program gives you the chance to get off the tourist trail, and enter the heart of rural Cambodia for a truly eye-opening experience.

Because our local non-profit NGO has just been approved by the Ministry of Interior #5656, we need your assistance now more than ever. All donations received will now go towards the cost of transporting volunteers to the rural villages where they will teach in tandem with the Cambodian teacher. Volunteers inspire the teachers as well as the children. Can you become one of our volunteers?.

For more information

info@amazingvolunteeradventures.com (PayPal is cli4english@gmail.com)
California Language Institute / mcli, the training arm of a VA.com
+ 855 1753-0971

Calls from the USA are free using +415 800-3674

Check on Google for time zones differences so your call is received between 8 am and 10 pm Cambodian time.